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World City Expo Tokyo '96 1995


  • Exhibition / Event


  • Others
  • Landscape


  • 1995


  • Japan


  • Tokyo

Client : Tokyo Frontier Committee
Design : Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects, Akira Kuryu Architect & Associates, Kazuhiro Ishii Architect & Associates, Riken Yamamoto & FIELDSHOP, and others

Tokyo Frontier in Tokyo Waterfront City was scheduled to host the prestigious World City Expo over a 204 day period from March through October 1996. We were invited to do the lighting design as part of a design team that included urban planners and accomplished architects. Giving our imagination free rein, we developed a number of experimental approaches to urban lighting.
But the Expo coincided with the collapse of the bubble economy and the gut-wrenching decision was made to cancel the event just before it was to open. Guided by the theme “temporary,” we had by this time developed several highly-transient lighting designs intended to endow the cityscape with a new look that even today retain their freshness and remain in our design stock.