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Odate Jukai Dome Park 1997


  • Sports


  • Facade
  • Interior


  • 1997


  • Japan


  • Tokyo

Client : Odate City
Design : Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects

This beautiful, sleek, all-white dome appears unexpectedly amid pristine nature. The building – which is Japan’s largest wooden dome – was built using 25,000 Akita cedars, all of which are at least 60 years old. The 52-meter high building has a 178-meter long-side diameter and a seating capacity of 5,040. Used primarily for baseball, soccer, and other sporting events, the dome is a multi-purpose facility that also hosts concerts and other events.
With the idea of making the dome’s nighttime exterior a local landmark, we performed a series of lighting experiments on the dome’s high-transmittance double-layer Teflon plane and then designed lighting that produces luminance of 5cd/㎡ on the plane. The angle of the floodlights that light up the stadium are carefully calibrated, achieving exterior lighting that is both economical and very efficient.