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Kaga Katayamazu City Spa Machiyu 2012


  • Hotel / Hospitality


  • Facade
  • Landscape
  • Interior


  • 2012


  • Japan


  • Tokyo

Client : Kaga City
Design : Taniguchi and Associates

The former Katayamazu public bath was reopened as a city spa. This modern glass building cast in sharp light on the shore of greenery-fringed Shibayamagata Lagoon keeps alive hot spring culture and serves as a new place where citizens of the community and tourists can mix together. By keeping light to a minimum and highlighting the view of the lagoon and greenery. The hot spring’s two unique baths – one facing the lagoon, the other facing the forest – preserve a view of the scenery while also maintaining privacy. This is a new kind of spa in which the seasons and nature extend their presence into the space through spacious openings, even at night.