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Tsunaki-cho Products Gallery 1992


  • Museum / Gallery


  • Facade


  • 1992


  • Japan


  • Tokyo

Design : Kojiro Kitayama + K Architects & Associates

This community-centered facility is one of the initiatives of the Kumanoto Artpolis. Situated on a street corner over-looking Minamata Bay, this 2-story building houses a local products gallery on the 1st floor and restaurant and meeting rooms on the 2nd floor. The roof top, covered with a pergola and pond, displays sculptures from local artists.
The lighting design works to emphasize the unique molded, overlapping style of architecture, like an abstract pile of leaves, even at night. Each floor and rooftop is equipped with light so the structure itself will glow like a lantern. The architecture and landscaping is an integrated designed, with no boundaries, and the surrounding green hills, and stone bridge crossing the river enjoy soft ambient light.