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Nicolas G. Hayek Center 2007


  • Commercial / Retail


  • Interior
  • Facade


  • 2007


  • Japan


  • Tokyo

Client : The Swatch Group (Japan)
Design : Shigeru Ban Architects, Studio On Site

The Nicolas G. Hayek Center serves as a showroom and corporate office for the Swatch Group. The building faces Ginza Chuo-Dori Street and has a broad, open plan that creates a sense of continuity between the street and the interior space. The piloti-supported ground floor is dotted with elevated showcases for each brand and has a wall completely covered with plants. The primary design theme was a light environment that makes use of the green wall but without interfering with the room's function as a captivating showroom. The lighting casts an illumination of 2,000 lux on the green wall during the day and from the evening onwards gradually changes light intensity and color. The brightly lit green wall and minimal light elsewhere combine to create a space rich in contrast.