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Japanese Tea Ceremony In Light 2000


  • Exhibition / Event


  • Interior


  • 2000


  • Japan


  • Tokyo

Design : Masayuki Kurokawa Architect Studio + K-System, Millieme

This was a tea ceremony exhibition held for three days at the Kyoto Art Centre under the directorship of Masakazu Izumi, head of the Sabie group of the Urasenke school of tea ceremony. Numerous emerging artists and designers created and designers created various tea ceremony utensils and accessories for the exhibit, including tea bowls, tea scoops, water jars, lacquered tea caddies, flower vases, incense containers, and hanging scrolls. In addition to these exhibits, a tea room of light was also set up in the exhibition hall for demonstrations, in which a tea master performs the actions of the tea ceremony procedure without actually using any utensils. The tea room was used for a number of vision-like demonstration performances by the grand master.