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OSAKA "City of Light" 2010


  • Master Plan / Urban / Environmental


  • Others


  • 2010


  • Japan


  • Tokyo

Client : OSAKA "City of Light" Planning & Promotion Committee

OSAKA "City of Light" Planning & Promotion Committee was launched in 2004 to reinvigorate the Osaka cityscape with light and make it recognized around the world as a city of light. In the ensuing 12 years, we have participated in and supported the project as a committee member and general supervisor.
In 2010, the deliberations and planning led by the Committee were compiled in the Plan for "OSAKA City of Light in 2020." Guided by the theme of "using light to bring out the qualities that make Osaka what it is", the Masterplan's lighting design principles fully exploit the city's untapped appeal. The Masterplan also includes a variety of proposals that make use of Osaka's topography, history, culture, and more, such as "Axis on the Network of Light," "Calendar of Illumination Event," and "A Hundred Scenes of Osaka Night."