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Basic Studies on Lighting Plan for Railroad Station 2012


  • Transportation


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  • 2012


  • Japan


  • Tokyo

Client : East Japan Railway Tokyo Electrical Consultation and System Integration Office, Nihon Tetsudou Denki Sekkei

The shortage of electricity after the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami prompted a re-evaluation of light environment volume and quality, including facilities whose functions are mainly public in nature, train stations foremost among them. We began by documenting current conditions and conducting base studies with the cooperation of East Japan Railway and others in order to establish how much light is actually necessary and sufficient inside train stations. We then derived from the study results, basic principles for achieving suitable light environments and formulated a foundation for analysing train station lighting environments. Currently, the study results are being applied to drawing up renovation plans for several train stations aimed as part of a schedule for creating outstanding lighting environments in the years ahead.